wenchi crater lake

Excursion to Wonchi Crater Lake

Wonchi Crater Lake

Wonchi, located 155km west of Addis Ababa, boasts a stunning natural landscape. The area’s crown jewel is the Wonchi Crater Lake, featuring an island monastery that’s a fascinating attraction. But the beauty doesn’t stop there. The majestic Wenchi Mountain provides the perfect backdrop for horseback riding excursions and hikes.

Wonchi is a fantastic destination for those seeking a thrilling day trip from Addis Ababa. If you’re looking for the best tour company in Ethiopia to provide you best tour packages to Ethiopia look no further than Aone Ethiopia Tours. We can help you plan the perfect day trip, ensuring you experience the best of Wonchi’s natural wonders.

Day trip to Wenchi Crater lake
Duration:- day trip
Type of tour:-Excursion (Hiking )
Mode of transport:- minibus

Itinerary overview

Day 1:- Start the Day trip  from Addis Ababa by picking up your picnic lunch. Upon arrival at Wonchi, commence a hiking or horseback excursion to reach the lake, allowing you to explore the amazing landscape. Upon reaching the lake, embark on a boat trip to visit the ancient church situated on the island. If you desire, you can also enjoy a refreshing swim in the fresh water. After these activities, return to Addis Ababa.

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