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There are 83 nation nationalities found in Ethiopia with different customs and traditions the most interesting and unique of this cultures is visiting the colorful Omo valley tribes, the Omo valley is one of the most spectacular place of cultural diversity, you can see the different colorful cultures of the real African experience, there are 16 Tribes in South Omo valley, Most of them are nomadic people. with their distinguish costoms and traditions, some of this are:-

Hammer Tribe

This tribe is the most dominant tribe found in the southern part of Ethiopia in Omo valley, Hammer people are dependent on their cattle’s they are nomadic peoples, their village is made up of a hut about 20 huts are found in the village where dancing and feasting takes place every night, they have traditional dancing ceremony called Evangadi it’s a dancing ceremony in the night time with the unmarred girls and men’s, they make local beer with sorghum for events, the woman wears cow skin skirt they didn’t wear on upper body, the men only wear small skirt of close, so as to décor there body they make different kind of paints by soil and leave, both the men and woman use different hair style the men’s décor their hair by feather and beans while the girls use butter and clay soil to condition their hair . The famous festival of this tribe is the bull jumping, this festival is the sign of warrior for men who wants to marry, so every men should involves to this ceremony if he want wife, the hammer peoples believes that a men who jump all the ten bull standing orderly he is strong and he can face problems for his family so every men should jump to have a wife in this tribe but, in case he fails during the jump people assume as weak so he should wait for next year for another chance, but if he succeeds the jumping very well he get ready to exchange his cows with the girl, he will give at least 20 cows for the girls family and he will make her as his wife, a men who have a lot of cows in Hammer tribe he can marry more than one but he doesn’t need to jump the bulls again.

Mursi tribe

This tribe is found in the Mago national park of Ethiopia the woman’s of mursi is well known by the clay disc on their lower leap also the men use chalks to décor his body , both men and woman use scarification on there body as a sign of beauty , they depend on their cattle’s and farming.

Dorze tribe

They are settled on the plateau nearby Arbaminch town around 3,000 meters above sea level, they are well known by their weaving, the culture of this tribe is making traditional closes also their traditional house is one of the most fascinating thing, which is look like Elephant face, Dorze people are very hospital while you are visiting their village they will welcome every guest by traditional dance, seeing the most interesting traditional food preparation is also another things to do in the village.

Surma Tribe

This tribe is found in south western of Omo valley ,woman’s are well known by wearing ear disc , there is also sport called “DONGA” the Suri people believe that the man who want to have a wife and showing his warrior he will make a stick fight with peer, this fight begin with 15 to 30 people on each side and they got a chance to fight one on one, each player beat his opponent as much as he can after a lot of fight the winner of the game chose his wife to the group of girls standing up on the top of hill ,not only this the festival use them to expose their tribe warrior from their neighboring tribes of Nygatom specially from the south Sudan tribes , the program is held just after it rains mostly in rainy season, the other interesting ceremony in this tribe is

Karo Tribe

This tribe is found east bank of the Omo River they practice farming they are famous by décor of their body by local chalks and other painting materials found in their area the men use feather to décor their hair.

Budi Tribe

This tribe is found in the south western of omo valley there are depend on their cattle’s their is a well known traditional festival for men’s which is fatness competition the men’s prepare them self for a years by eating and drinking too much they also drink cattle’s blood.

Konso Tribe

The konso people is well known by their natural reservation, they make walled terraces and fortified settlements, the konso cultural landscapes is one of the most fascinating landscape this makes it to be the world heritage ,UNESCO gives its recognition as a world heritage.

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