Coffee Farm Tour to Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a land coffee, known as the birthplace of coffee Arabica. The word “coffee” itself derives from the region of ‘Kaffa,’ located in the southwest of Ethiopia. Legend has it that a goat herder from Kaffa noticed his goats unusually energetic after consuming coffee tree leaves. This discovery led to the roasting of coffee beans, transforming it into the beloved beverage known worldwide today. In Kaffa, you’ll find vast coffee farms, while coffee also grows wild in the Ethiopian highland forests.

Coffee is cultivated across various regions of Ethiopia, with the southwest being home to expansive coffee farms. Kaffa, Sidama, Yirgachefe, Limmu, Jimma, Sidamo, and Harar are among the most renowned coffee-growing areas, boasting internationally recognized trademark coffees.

Coffee is Ethiopian culture, serving not only as a beverage but also as a food staple in some regions, such as Oromia province. It plays a central role in Ethiopian social life, with coffee ceremonies being a vital part of daily activities. Visitors to Ethiopian households are often treated to the unique and enchanting coffee ceremony, where hospitality shines through as guests enjoy up to three cups of coffee. This cultural tradition exemplifies the warmth and hospitality of the Ethiopian people.

Immerse yourself with our Ethiopia coffee farm tour package. As the best tour company in Ethiopia, we offer curated experiences that showcase the essence of Ethiopian coffee culture while ensuring an unforgettable journey through the heartland of coffee. including this coffee farm Holiday package we can combine this tour with Ethiopia Omo valley Tours.

Duration: 5 days & 4 nights
Type of tour:- nature tour
Mode of transport:- 4WD car

Itinerary overview

Day 1. City tour in Addis Ababa
Your Ethiopia Holiday Packages begin with a  city tour in Addis Ababa,  from the first biggest open air market in Africa to the national museum of Ethiopia watching lot of ancient historical materials also fossil of early mankind, then at the night time watching cultural dancing called “eskista” and testing the traditional dishes of Ethiopia at cultural restaurant. Overnight in Friendship hotel.

Day 2. Addis Ababa – Yirgalem
En route visiting the Awassa town boat trip on the lake proceed driving to Yirgalem, Overnight in Aregash Lodge.

Day 3. Yirgalem – Yirga Cheffe
Visit the coffee farm in Yirga Cheffe and the coffee union then testing the best coffee after that drive back to Yirgalem, Overnight in Aregash Lodge.

Day 4. Yirgalem – Sidamo
Visit the coffee farm in Sidamo and the coffee union then testing the best coffee after that drive to Awassa, Overnight in Haile resort.

Day 5. Awassa – Addis Ababa
We make a stop at Zuway town to visit the Lake zuway after lunch continue driving to Addis Ababa, after farewell dinner, departure.

N.B. depending up on your request this Itinerary can be modify with our Ethiopia Tour packages.

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