Axum also known as (Aksum) is been one of the great empire in the world from the 1st to 10th centuries A.D , where it’s territory extend to southern Arabia, Egypt and Asia, Axum town is been the capital city of Abyssinia former name of Ethiopia , this ancient town has several historical attractions such as the stele field where you can see the obelisks of Axum, there are a lot of obelisks but the dominants are three those implies sample of multi story building those obelisks are build during the reign of the Axum Empire its around 1,700 years old which is made from single pieces of granite with identical decorations still standing in the town of Axum the longest is 33 meters UNESCO gives recognition as a world heritage site for those obelisks, the other attraction is the church of St. marry or Zion where the original Ark of the convenient is kept secretly and the remarkable archeological sites, Axum is one of the Ethiopian people’s identity.


Lalibela also known as the second Jerusalem which are known by the famous monolithic rock-hewn churches with amazing architectural skill, those magnificent rock cut churches erected in 12th century, this churches erected by king Lalibela he is one of the outstanding king during the Zagwe dynasty, his ambition was to make this place holy land of Christianity next to Jerusalem, in this Sacred town there are about 11 surrounding churches both of them have their own specialties by architectural but they are same been erected from one single bedrock those edifices seem to be one of superhuman creation in scale, workmanship and concepts that the world have never seen yet, the UNESCO gives recognition for those 11 churches as a world heritage sites and dived them in to two main groups the north and south groups the north groups consists of Bete Medhanialem( House of the savior of the world), Bete Meskel (House of the cross), Bete Mariam(House of Mary),Bete Gologotha Mikael( House of Gologotha Mikael), Bete Dengel( House of Virgins) the south churches consist of Bete Amanuel(House of Emmanuel), Bete Qeddus Mercoreus(House of St. Mercoreos ), Bete Abba Libanos(House of Abbot Libanos), Bete Gabreal Rafual (House of Raphael), and Bete Lehem(House of Holy Bread) , the last is Bete Geiorgise(House of St. George) it is isolated from others.

Fasil Palace

The Fasil palace is founded by king Fasil in 16th century this palace is found in the northern oldest town called Gonder, this palace have amazing architectural design it is two story battlemented structure its inner walls were decorated with ivory, mirrors and paintings of palm trees and its ceiling was covered with gold-leaf and precious stones it surrounded by 900-m-long palisade, inside this garden there are a lot of palaces including king Fasil children’s palaces, both palaces have amazing architectural attractions, the other thing found in this garden is the rectangular swimming pool which was supplied by canal from the nearby river, this palace is a UNESCO world heritage site, there are also numerous other fascinating historical buildings and relics to be seen in the area such as the marvelous Debre Birhan Silase Church.

Ancient city of HARAR

The ancient city of Harar is found in Eastern part of Ethiopia its 523kilometrs from Addis Ababa, this town is dominant by the encircling walls which tightly embrace the town, there are about 5 gates to this holy town and 82 Muslim mosques this makes the town the fourth most holy city of Islam. This town has also so many attractions such as colorful market places, towering, majestic’s mountains & in the night time you can watch the peaceful hyenas feed meat by man, also the French poet Rimbaud chose this town to live, his home is being a museum, this town is one of the UNESCO world heritage site.

Konso land escapes

The konso people is well known by their natural reservation, they make walled terraces and fortified settlements, the konso cultural landscapes is one of the most fascinating landscape this makes it to be the world heritage, UNESCO gives its recognition, also anthropomorphic wooden statues is one of the remarkable thing of the konso people each of the statues represent their previous ruling kings and royal families. The other fascinating place in Konso is the amazing rock formation which look like down town tall buildings it’s known as’ New York’.


Simien mountain national park

Simien mountain national park This park is one of the world heritage which is found in the northern part of Ethiopia , UNESCO gives it’s recognition by its best land escapes, wildlife sanctuary and birdlife sanctuary, there are many species of wild life including the endemics of Ethiopian wolfs, Walia ibex and gelada Baboon, the parks landscape is very dramatic when its combine with the natural beauty of the area , the tallest Ethiopian mountain is found in this park which is 4,500 meters above sea level, this park is the home of 50 bird species including the endemics that are only found in Ethiopia.

BALE Mountains National park

This mountains is found in the south east of Ethiopia those mountains include the 4377 meter of Tullu Dimtu the second highest mountain in Ethiopia & the 4307meters of mount Batu those mountains is found in the well known Bale mountains national park also home of many wild life and birdlife, the lower reaches covered with St John’s wort, extensive heath, virgin woodlands, pristine mountain streams and alpine climate, the Bale Mountains remain an untouched and beautiful world.

AWASH National park

This park is the oldest and most developed wild life reserve in Ethiopia, featuring the 1,800-meters high Fentalle volcano mountain, extensive mineral hot-springs and extraordinary volcanic formation, this natural treasure is bordered to the south by the Awash River and found 225 kilometers east of Addis Ababa. This park is the home of East African plains animals such as Oryx, bat-eared fox, caracal, aardvark, Colobus and green monkeys, Anubis and Hamadryas baboons, klipspringer, leopard, bush-buck, hippopotamus, Soemmering’s gazelle, cheetah, kudu…, and 450 species of birds.

Lake Tana

Lake Tana is one of the biggest lake in Ethiopia cover an area of 3673km2 and the depth of 14m, UNESCO registered the lake as a biosphere reserve , it is the starting point of Abay (Blue Nile) river the longest river in the world River, there are many plants and animals depends on the lake including the indigenous plants and the endemic species of birds it is a natural peace of mind to stay in this place, neighbor to the lake you can find one of the Ethiopia well designed & beautiful city called BahirDar.

Sidama Zone

Sidama zone is found 270 km from south of Addis Ababa the most natural attraction of Ethiopia, where you can find wide organic coffee farms, hot springs, waterfalls such as Logita fall, Bonora fall and Genale fall which is a step fall, this area is a home of vast number of birds also you can see 15 endemic birds of Ethiopia. The Sidama people is very hospitality they are well known by a new year celebration called ‘ Fiche’ now this festival is became the intangible UNESCO world heritage since 2015, this peoples have their own traditional calendar system also their hut is very attractive.

NECH SAR National Park

This park is found in 530 km to southern of the capital it’s 514km2 the Arbaminch town is neighbor to this park ,15% of the park consists of lakes including Lake Abaya in the north and lake Chamo in the south the forest between the two lakes by the kulf mountain is dominant by Ficus sycamores which can grow up 30 meter tall tree, this park is a place where you can watch vast wild animals also birds including water birds this area is known by crocodile Market where you can found a lot of crocodiles and hippo, and other water animals.

OMO Valley

This area is Ethiopia’s largest nature and cultural sanctuary one of the fascinating destination in Africa, the Omo River is one of African locations for white-water rafting to the final leg of its journey south to Turkana, this river is riches by fish and the huge shapes of crocodile and hippo, also the Omo valley is one of Africa’s and the world’s last great undiscovered places about 15 different ethnics tribes live in Omo valley this all tribes live ancient kind of life style that the remains of Homo Sapiens with amazing cultures and traditions, they practice farming ,fishing & pastoralist for living, the lower valley of Omo is one of the UNESCO world heritage site there are many discovery of early hominid fossils. The Omo National park is one of the richest park in OMO valley where you can see the real African big game it is an endless distant horizons it cover an area of 4,068 km2, Buffalo, Cheetah, Elephant, Giraffes, kudu, Leopard’s, Lion, Zebra are to be seen in the park and the other attraction in the area is MAGO National park, has been established on the eastern bank of the Omo River. Both Omo and Mago national parks share a boundary and they offer the amazing African wild life big game., we invite tourists with tailor made tour in this area by 4x4 Land cruiser with all camping gears.

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