Gelada Baboons of Debrelibanos monastery

Eco Tours to Ethiopia

Aone Ethiopia Tours offers guided tour to Ethiopia’s numerous tourism villages, providing sustainable tourism income for local communities. Ethiopia boasts diverse geographical backgrounds and cultures. Looking ahead, there is potential for over 80 different tourism villages to thrive in ecotourism. However, due to current infrastructure limitations in the countryside of Ethiopia, we currently operate in 7 ecotourism villages. These villages provide numerous cultural experiences with breathtaking landscapes. When you travel to these villages with us, we immerse you in the local cultures and activities. Our company offers Eco Tourism Village Tours lasting at least 3 days, encompassing trekking, hiking, horseback excursions, food preparation, traditional coffee making, traditional dancing, traditional farming, sharing the culture, and camping experiences.

Currently, the following Eco tourism villages are active to visit in Ethiopia:

  1. Tesfa community tourism around Lalibela: Located in North Ethiopia, Amhara Regional state, 750km from the capital, 40 km from Lalibela, including Tesfa Abuna Yoseph mountain community tourism is another attraction in the area where the 3rd highest mountain in Ethiopia located.
  2. Menz Guassa Eco Village: Located in North Ethiopia, Amhara Regional state, 265km from the capital.
  3. Dorze Eco village: Located in South Ethiopia, Southern Regional state, 455km from the capital.
  4. Wonchi Eco village: Located in west Ethiopia, Oromia Regional state, 155km from the capital.
  5. Gheralta Eco Village: Located in North Ethiopia, Tigrai Regional state, 1,010km from the capital.
  6. Mount Choke Eco Village: Located in North Ethiopia, Amhara Regional state, 420km from the capital.
  7. Lephis Forest Eco village: Located in East Ethiopia, Oromia Regional state, 260km from the capital.

We offer a guided tour to Ethiopia’s Eco Tourism villages, starting from a 2-day tour. As the best tour company in Ethiopia, while you are on Eco Tours we can combine the tour with our Ethiopia tour packages which provide you unforgettable experiences while supporting local communities and preserving the natural beauty of Ethiopia.

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