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Aone Ethiopia Tours

Aone Ethiopia Tours PLC is one of the Best tour Company in Ethiopia based in Addis Ababa. This company is owned and managed by Ethiopian tourism professional Michael Kassa, who has extensive experience in the sector both before and after the company’s formation. 

Our company, Aone Ethiopia Tours, is equipped with top-rated camping gear and well-maintained vehicles. We operate under an Ethiopian Ministry of Culture and Tourism license, taking pride in our personalized service. Our philosophy revolves around providing quality service and professional attention to every client, ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction. This success stems from our hardworking staff, especially knowledgeable, friendly and highly qualified tour guides that clients appreciate.

Another factor contributing to success is our experience facilitating all types of tours across Ethiopia. Believing each trip should be unforgettable, we work hard at crafting authentic cultural experiences. Through our Ethiopia tour packages handled by experts, clients gain deep insights from guides during travels. Hotels and lodges meet high standards throughout each itinerary. Consistently delivering exceptional customer service has established Aone as the best tour company in Ethiopia. We guarantee making lifelong memories through professionally organized, affordable trips. 

In addition to our business, we believe in giving back to the community. From each booking, We provide support to build schools for the children’s in remote parts of the south omo valley, Ethiopia. Also we are on pilot project to start the environmental protection around the Lalibela Mountains, which Generate  sustainable income also environmental protection for the local country side community. 

Our special services
Our vision

Our vision is to become the leading tour operator in East Africa.

Our mission and goals
  • Providing a unique experience for each customer.
  • Being flexible to accommodate ever changing market trend.
  • Bringing new tour and hospitality packages that fit all requirements and budget.
  • Maintaining honesty integrity and transparency.
  • Changing the image of Ethiopia by exposing the hidden treasures of Ethiopia.
  • Enhancing sustainable tourism income for the local community.
  • Making Ethiopia number one tourist destination in Africa by combining with other tour operators and our government.

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