Bird Watching Tour to Ethiopia

Ethiopia is one of the top destinations in the world for birdwatching tours. Also Ethiopia is the 2nd country with many species of birds in Africa. With more than 924 species of birds, including 23 endemics unique to Ethiopia such as the Abyssinian catbird, Abyssinian long-claw, black-winged lovebird, wattled crane, Banded barbet, and many more, the country boasts exceptional avian diversity. From the Majestic African fish Eagles to the smallest Abisinian woodpecker, Ethiopia’s birdlife offers an extraordinary experience for birdwatchers. The best time to observe birds in Ethiopia is between October to February when migratory birds join the resident species, the other seasons are also fine but it’s hard to see the migrated birds.  creating a vibrant spectacle in the skies. Birdwatchers from around the world choose Ethiopia to witness this abundance of bird species. At Aone Ethiopia Tours, we specialize in crafting the best Ethiopia tour packages for birdwatching enthusiasts. Our expertly designed itineraries offer unforgettable birdwatching experiences in the southern and eastern rift valleys of Ethiopia, renowned as prime spots for birdwatching. We offer a wide variety of Tour packages to Ethiopia from our popular 20-days, 15-days & 7-days tour packages to customizable itineraries , our specialized bird tour guides ensure an unforgettable journey filled with rare sightings and memorable moments.

Our Bird watching tour to Ethiopia also can go side to side with Historical tour package to Ethiopia and also with Ethiopian Omo Valley tours package. Join us and embark on an unforgettable birdwatching adventure with the best tour company in Ethiopia.

Duration:- 20 Days, 15 Days & also 7 days

Type of tour:-bird watching tour
Mode of transport:- 4WD car
Itinerary overview

Day 1:- Day Trip to Menagesha suba forest

Start the bird watching tour by making a day trips from Addis Ababa to Menagesha Suba forest En route, you will visit the Gefersa dam, where you can spot numerous colorful aquatic birds. Including Wattled Ibis, winged Goose and different ducks after arrival at the forest Visit the ancient forest, which is the richest habitat for many bird species, including the 7 endemic Ethiopian birds such as Abyssinian woodpecker, Yellow-fronted Parrot, the white-cheeked turaco and more than 200 species of birds such as Northern Puffback, Wahlberg’s Honeyguide, Fawn-colored Lark, Slaty Flycatcher and many more, Overnight at Kuriftu Resort Entoto  

Day 2:- Drive to Debrezyt

In the morning enjoy the birds chanting while you are on your room at the forest of Entoto mountain which rises 3,200 meters above sea level which is covered by forest and a best spot to observe highland birds such as Ethiopian siskin, White-winged cliff chat, drive to Ghion Hotel for lunch the hotel garden also provide a chance to visit many species of birds such as Serinus nigriceps, white collar pigeon,    Abyssinian roller. this bird watching  Ethiopia Tour package will took you to a small town located 40 km from the capital known as Debrezyt . Situated in the Rift Valley zone, it offers a good opportunity to observe at least 40 different species of birds around the seven lakes such as Red-fronted Tinkerbird, Yellow-billed Duck, Common merganserafter and many more, Overnight at Adulala Resort

Day 3:- Drive to Awash National park

Drive to Awash National Park, this park is one of the richest in terms of birdlife and wildlife, our  Bird watching Ethiopia tour package gives you a chance to Witness  the park’s 450 species of birds, such as Arabian bustard, Ethiopian Bee-eater, Somali ostrich, Helmeted Guineafowl, Pied Cuckoo and many more, overnight at Kuriftu Resort

Day 4:- Drive to Zuway

Visit the rest of the parks bird life After you had lunch at Nathreth town we will proceed driving to Zuway which is part of the Great East African rift valley after arrival you will visit the lake shore to visit the water birds, overnight at Haile Resort

Day 5:-  Drive to Abijata National park

Boat trip on Lake Zuway to visit the birds island capture different species of birds such as Pelecanus onocrotalus, Leptoptilos crumeniferus, Dendrocygna bicolor, Red-chested Swallow and many more after breakfast drive to Abijata National park Enjoy the day by exploring the park, including Abijata Lake and Lake Chitu, both renowned for their thousands of flamingos. Additionally, you can observe ostriches, great white pelican, Egyptian Goose, Alopochen aegyptiaca and many more, overnight at Sabana beach Resort

Day 6:- Drive to Awassa

 Visit the lake shore of Lake Langano which is one of the closest birding spot which can be visit by a Day trips from Addis Ababa with different  species of birds such as Lemon Dove, Serinus nigriceps, Abyssinian White-eye, Pied Cuckoo, Crowned Lapwing, Abyssinian Scimitarbill and many more. after breakfast Drive to Awassa En route visit the Senkelle heart beast sanctuary where you can observe more than 60 species of birds including Kori Bustard, arrival at Awassa visit the lakeshore of Awassa, overnight at Haile Resort

Day 7:- Drive to Yabelo

Visit the lake shore of Awassa to visit the morning fish market which will gives you a chance to visit the big fish eater birds such as marabou stork, hamerkop, white-backed duck, African fish eagle, spur-winged lapwing and many more, then drive to Yabelo On our journey, we’ll enjoy the Bush land, which harbors a diverse array of birdlife on the top of termite mountain Such as Red and yellow barbet, Red-naped Bush Shrike, Tiny Cisticola and more, overnight at Yabelo Motel

Day 8:- Visit Yabelo wildlife sanctuary 

Upon arrival at Yabello Wildlife Sanctuary, we’ll explore the vast number of birds in the acacia grasslands which harbor more than 250 species of birds. Some of the birds are the following Golden-breasted starling, Guineafowls, Pygmy Batis and many more, overnight at Camping

 Day 9:- Drive to Yirgalem

Today, you will pass through scenic forests where you will observe many species of birds such as Ethiopian boubou, D’Arnaud’s barbet, Eastern grey woodpecker and many more, overnight at Aregash Lodge  

Day 10:- Drive to Wendogenet

Trekking into the densely forested area to watch the highland birds such as Black-headed oriole, Grey-headed batis, Orange-breasted bushshrike, Grey-rumped swallow, Abyssinian white-eyeand many more, overnight at Wondogent Hotel

 Day 11:- Drive to Bale mountain National park

After enjoying the birds near to your hotel drive to Bale mountains national park which have over 320 bird species, including half of Ethiopia’s endemic birds, top 3 best spot to watch birds in Africa, as well as many wild animals visit the vast number of birds this park best spot for Ethiopia holiday package one on the nature paradise, overnight at camping

Day 12:- Explore more birds at Bale Mountain National Park

Enjoy your  bird watching  Ethiopia holiday packages on horseback ride  to watch the endemic birds such as Cyanochen cyanoptera, Serinus nigriceps, Lammergeyer and many more, overnight at Bale Lodge

Day 13:- Drive to Harena forest

This forest is one of natural forest riches by habitat one stop spot to watch the different species of birds including the endemic such as Abyssinian long claw, Abyssinian catbird, Yellow-fronted parrot and many more, overnight at Bale Lodge

Day 14:- Visit Harena forest

Explore the birds by taking a scenic drive through the forest. This will include sightings of the African Scops Owl, Blue-winged Goose, Parophasma galinieri and many more, overnight at Bale Lodge

Day 15:- Domestic flight to Addis Ababa

Transfer to the airport for your domestic flight back to Addis Ababa finalize your Ethiopia tour packages. After arrival visit the Zoological Museum of Ethiopia. Then, explore the beautiful Trinity Cathedral. Later in the evening, join us for a farewell dinner at a cultural restaurant. Depending on your flight schedule, you will be transferred to the airport for your departure.

This Tour Can combine With Cultural Tours and Historical Tour to Ethiopia, click here to check our options.

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