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Unforgettable Ethiopia Tour Packages with Aone Ethiopia Tours

Aone Ethiopia Tours, the best tour company in Ethiopia, curates exceptional Ethiopia tour packages for every traveler. From budget-friendly adventures to luxurious escapes, explore the magic of this ancient land with us.

Explore Ancient Wonders on our Historical Tour Packages to Ethiopia:

Historical Highlights: Dive into Ethiopia’s rich Historical Heritages, visiting iconic sites like the Axumite Kingdom, with its towering obelisks and the legendary Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion, believed to hold the Ark of the Covenant. Climb and Hike the Rocky Mountians of Tigrai to witness the Remarkable Gheralta churches. Journey to Lalibela, home to the awe-inspiring rock-hewn churches, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Medieval: Discover the Royal Residences at Gondar, a former Ethiopian capital,  marvel at the magnificent Fasil Ghebbi (Fasil’s Enclosure), a complex of castles and royal buildings. Make a boat trip on lake Tana to visit the 15th century ancient Monasteries located on islands. 

Immerse in Diverse Cultures on our Omo Valley Tours:

Tribes of the Omo Valley: Immerse yourself in the vibrant cultures of the Omo Valley, a mosaic of over 16 indigenous tribes with unique traditions and ways of life.

Experience Nature’s Wonders:

Dramatic Landescape: Trek through the Simien Mountains National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and witness stunning scenery and rare wildlife.
Source of the Blue Nile: Explore Lake Tana, the source of the mighty Blue Nile, and visit ancient monasteries nestled on its islands.
Feel like you are on Mars: Embark on an adventurous expedition to the Danakil Depression, the lowest point in Africa, and witness a surreal landscape of volcanoes, salt flats, and colorful hot springs.

Our itineraries allow tailoring your perfect Ethiopian escape, whether exploring history, Nature or cultures. plan your dream getaway!

Tour to Bale Mountains

Duration: 4 Days

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