Gelada Baboons of Debrelibanos monastery

Hiking Trip to Debrelibanos monastery

Hike to the Debrelibanos & Jemma Valley Escarpment 

Steeped in history and natural beauty, Debre Libanos Monastery, just 100km north of Addis Ababa, is one of the best option if you are seeking a Day trips from Addis Ababa.  Founded in the 13th century by Saint Tekle Haymanot, revered for his seven years of prayer on one foot, the monastery played a vital role in spreading Christianity throughout Ethiopia.

Witness the unique sight of monks residing in caves, and delve into the rich religious heritage at the on-site museum, showcasing ancient artifacts. Aone Ethiopia Tours, the best tour company in Ethiopia, can arrange your visit, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching experience.

The surrounding landscape adds to the monastery’s charm. A powerful 600-meter waterfall, a tributary of the Blue Nile,  The Dramatic Jemma Valley escarpment  create a breathtaking panorama, attracting a vast array of birds and the endemic Gelada Baboons, found only in Ethiopia.

A short distance away lies another historical gem – the Portuguese Bridge. Built in the 16th century by Portuguese missionaries using a unique blend of stone and egg yolk, this bridge spans the dramatic Jemma River Gorge. The surrounding area offers stunning waterfalls and opportunities to spot more Gelada Baboons.

Aone Ethiopia Tours can curate a perfect Day trip from Addis Ababa allowing you to explore both Debrelibanos Monastery and the Jemma valley escarpment.

Day trip to Debrelibanos monastery and The Jemma valley Escarpment 
Duration:-  Day Trip 
Type of tour:-Historical rout and Nature tour
Mode of transport:- minibus car

Itinerary overview

Day1. Early in the morning, embark on a journey to explore historical and natural attractions. After an hour’s drive, spend a full day visiting the 13th-century ancient monastery, Debrelibanos. Explore the picturesque Portuguese bridge area, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and harmonized by bird life.
Return to Addis Ababa around 6 pm,  The day concludes with your departure for your International flight or your Hotel. 

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