9 Days cultural & Historical tour package to Ethiopia

1. City tours in Addis Ababa:-
After your arrival, check in at your hotel. Begin your city tour in Addis Ababa, starting with a visit to the National Museum of Ethiopia. Continue to Entoto Mountain to explore the first palace and the church of Addis Ababa. Afterward, venture to the biggest open-air market, known as Merkato. Finally, transfer back to your hotel. Overnight Jupiter Hotel or Similar

2. Domestic flight to Bahirdar:-
Your Ethiopia tour package began by flying to Bahirdar. Upon arrival, explore the most beautiful city in Ethiopia, visiting the lakeshore of Lake Tana. Enjoy a boat trip to observe the ancient monasteries located on the islands. Lake Tana serves as the starting point of the world’s longest river, the Blue Nile. After a city tour, transfer to your hotel. Overnight Naky Hotel or similar

3. Drive to Debark town via Gonder:-
After a leisurely breakfast, drive to Debark town. En route, stop at Gonder Town for lunch and explore the ancient city of Gonder, founded by King Fasil in the 16th century. Visit the remarkable Fasil Castle with its amazing architectural design, the swimming pool, and the 17th-century Debre Birhan Silase Church. Afterward, continue the drive to Debark town where the national park office located, Overnight Sona Hotel or similar

4. Drive to Gonder:-
Early in the morning, embark on a drive into Semien Mountains National Park to encounter Ethiopian endemic animals, such as gelada baboons, amidst the stunning scenery of the park. Enjoy a short hiking adventure, and after lunch, commence the drive back to Gonder, Overnight Goha Hotel or similar

5. Fly to Lalibela:-
Transfer to the airport for your domestic flight to Lalibela. Upon arrival in Lalibela, embark on a visit to the magnificent rock-hewn churches dating back to the 11th century. Explore the surrounding churches, each with its unique architectural specialties, despite being carved from a single bedrock—an awe-inspiring spectacle that the world has never witnessed before. Overnight Sora Lodge or similar

6. Domestic flight to Arbaminch:-
Transfer to the airport for your domestic flight to Arbaminch. Upon arrival, your Ethiopia Omo valley Tours begin by driving to Dorze village to explore the Dorze tribe, known for their weaving skills, traditional dancing, and distinctive house-building techniques. Depending on the day, you may have the opportunity to visit the local market. Afterward, return to Arbaminch town, Overnight at Paradise Lodge or similar

7. Drive to Turmi:-
Drive to Turmi on the way explore the fascinating Konso people village, witnessing their UNESCO World Heritage-listed cultural landscape with terracing. Admire the ancient wooden statues after lunch En route visit the Arbore village Upon arrival in Turmi, if there is a bull jumping ceremony in a Hammer tribe village, you will attend the program. Additionally, visit the Hammer people village, Overnight at Paradise Lodge or similar

8. Excursion to Kolicho drive to Jinka:-
Depending on the day, you may visit the colorful Dimeka market. Later, drive to Kolicho to encounter the Karo tribes, renowned for their distinctive body painting, situated on the west bank of the Omo River, return to Turmi,  after lunch, proceed driving to Jinka visit the Benna tribes. with an en-route visit to the Key Afer market, after arrival at Jinka transfer to your hotel, Overnight at Eco Omo Lodge or similar

9. Visit Mursi Tribe then Fly Back to Addis Ababa
Drive into Mago National Park to visit the Mursi people, known for the women who wear clay discs on their lower lips. Afterward, return to Jinka airport for your domestic flight to Addis Ababa. Upon arrival in Addis Ababa, attend our farewell dinner at a cultural restaurant. Depending on your flight schedule, you will then be transferred to the airport.

N.B. Depending on your request this Itinerary can be modified.

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